5 Reasons to Love Cleveland, OH Yoga Fest

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Written by: Natalie Ault, Hikyoga Instructor in Cleveland and Colorado

“Cleveland, OH - rippling with new cultural energy - among the top places to visit!” - according to the National Geographic Travelers 2018 - named Cleveland in their annual BEST of the World list, out of 21 different destinations. If you have been here you can feel that energy and vibes rolling through the community.

Collectively raising the vibration, Hikyoga presents the first, Cleveland Ohio Yoga Festival sponsored by Cleveland Yoga - an outdoor yoga festival open to all levels! Taking place at Edgewater Beach Park on June 22nd 2019, downtown Cleveland skyline and Lake Erie views provide the backdrop for the festival.

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1) The idea of a festival here in Cleveland started a year ago. Knowing that this is one community that likes to come together and support one another, we knew this had to happen. Cleveland has Cleveland’s back, a “how can we help” feel. That is why this is the number one reason! Who wouldn’t want to bring even more love to a community than by having a collaborative festival! Spreading that local love with our vendors, teachers, residents, and businesses to make this festival a one-of-a-kind experience!


2) Live Music from renowned artist KEVIN PARIS - singer-songwriter who is a pioneer in the yoga world! Playing for over a thousand festivals, classes, and retreats worldwide, Kevin connects us with the feel good notes from his soul filled music.  He has shared the stage with many great artists such as Stephen Marley, Trevor Hall, and Xavier Rudd just to name a few.

Fun Fact: Kevin is also known as the professional Hug Dealer - if you get graced with his presence take it in, but make sure to share the energy right back - he deserves it! You will leave with the best feel good vibe after meeting him ready to share the feels!



3) Honored and graced with the presence of Nationally known and Local Teachers. Teaming up to deliver a lively day of events on the Main Stage, along with Hikyoga adventures all through the park. All conspiring together to create a unique experience for the mind, body, & soul.

Say hello to,

Tami Schneider - owner of Cleveland Yoga - “I love connecting with others... what truly inspires me are the many conversations I’ve had on the topics of life, struggles, love, and loss.” Her favorite word is ... breathe! Cleveland Yoga is a Platinum Sponsor of the festival! Without them, this event would not be possible!

Marni Task - founder of Indu Aromatherapy - “The scoop is I love yoga. I love what it means(union). I love how it connects people. I love the way it makes me feel(lovely) and I love what it brings out in me, love.” Three words that describe her... real, open, free spirit!

Erica Ebert - owner of Balance Yoga and Fitness - “It’s my core belief that being balanced is foundational to a fabulous life.” She loves teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as an expert in mindfulness.

Tracy Rhinehart - owner of Yoga 108: School of Yoga - Appreciates yoga for it’s path to self discovery. Her practice has taken her into the dark shadows within her body. Her practice has revealed to her the light of her own sweet soul. Known for her ability to hold space for everyone!

Nicole Kazimer - owner of Hikyoga - “I want to inspire people to add movement in their life, be happy, and find joy in beauty that surrounds them.” Inspiring people to step outside, be active, and ignite all 5 senses with nature!

Becky Verner - Cleveland Hikyoga leader - “My practice is playful, peaceful, and as powerful as you want to make it!” You can feel her light and love after every class... only wanting to return again for more of that energy!

Natalie Ault - Hikyoga leader- “Always find time for things that make you feel happy to be alive!” There is nothing I love more than to ignite our senses, opening the soul, and connecting us through mind, body, and spirit! Fall in love with taking care of yourself!

IT’S OUTSIDE! (because in Cleveland we only get so many months)

4) Taking YOGA outdoors! Creating opening for yogis to enjoy life’s simplicity, beauty, and benefits nature has to offer! Cleveland Metroparks, Edgewater Beach, offering serene water views and city skyline all in one. Edgewater Beach Park encompasses over 147 acres making it a backdrop for so many activities for people to revel in! Experience day or evening events from - sand volleyball, jet skiing, paddle boarding, swimming, picnics, walking/jogging/biking paths, fishing, kite flying, concerts, and even a dog beach! This beautiful landscape is perfect to hold this memorable affair!

PS: stay and enjoy the amazing sunsets!



5) New to yoga? No Problem! Classes are open to all Fondness, friendship, enchantment, vibes, tribe... united, like-minded people collectively together raising the vibration! Come yourself or with friends... leave with new ones!

Namaste! Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see you all at the Cleveland OH Yoga Festival on June 22nd at Edgewater Beach Park!

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